How to use the elements

made to be easy to use

well it’s so easy! and very useful..

the isometric maps elements pack is really easy to use every element is available in Ai source, SVG formats and EPS10 for Adobe Photoshop support also exists in 2 reflections both with the same shadow direction. and you will be surprised to see that some of the elements we included them in many different colours to make your life easier…so u’ll end up having much much more than 250 elements.

*we’re working on creating a showcase for the users who purchased the isometric map builder contact us if you have something to show.

build isometric maps

Example of a ready made city

isometric City Map builder

Example of a marine port map

isometric sea port map

Christmas scene map

Christmas isometric city

What can you make out of the isometric maps builder?

Websites and applications

The isometric maps can be used to create amazing website headers and descriptive map pages, specially that you can use the SVG version of the files with HTML5 to create nice animated and attractive designs.

Printed Designs

Wanna make an amazing illustrated map? well we’ve got that covered. All elements are in vector format and can be resized to any scale you need, just drag them and put your maps pins!

Game Assets

while creating the elements we couldn’t help ourselves from enjoying building cities..who doesn’t love a new sim city that you can edit everything to the way you like it…imagine using the builder to create a game!